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Call for testing: Almond 1.8 Beta

Hello all!

It’s an interesting time, with what’s happening in the world, but while home we will not stop our goal to bring open-source voice assistants to everyone, so I’m very happy to announce the first beta release of what will be Almond 1.8.
We would love our contributors to test this release, so that the stable version can go out as planned.

This releases is quite later compared to the usual 2 months release cycle, but it brings in a lot of new functionality, in particular in the area of Q&A.
Full release notes are yet to be written, but you can check the individual module changelogs in the mean time.

How To Test

Testing Almond Beta depends on the version you’re using:

  • For Almond Cloud, and Almond Server, builds are underway and will hit Docker Hub very soon. You should be able to test Almond Server with:
docker run stanfordoval/almond-server:v1.8.0-beta.1
  • Almond Cloud will also go live on as soon as the builds are available on dockerhub. If you would like to test in almond-dev, please contact us, because the servers are small.

  • The latest snapshot of Almond Desktop is always available at

  • Almond Cmdline can be installed from npm as usual: npm install -g almond-cmdline@1.8.0-beta.1

Please report any bug you encounter on GitHub


If all goes well, the next stable release will be out next Friday, and live on on Saturday. This is a big release that involves significant infrastructure updates. I will try to minimize downtime on Saturday, but please expect some disruption.

You can find the full schedule at