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DB corruption issues on dev instance of Almond

Hello all,

I am sorry to announce that we’re having some database issues in the dev version of Almond at the moment (the one running 2.0 alpha).
As a result, some users lost the configured skills in their Almond, and will need to configure them again (this mainly applies to Spotify, as other skills have no configuration).

The issues are not resolved yet, and we ask that we hold off from accessing the dev server at the moment, especially if you signed up after 3/30. I will post a new announcement when the issue is resolved, but it might not be resolved tonight.

The issue does not apply to the stable version of Almond, and no data was lost on that server.

I apologize for the inconvenience, and I want to thank again all of you who are helping test us the new version of Almond.

Status update: locking issues have been solved by temporarily migrating away from network file system for the cloud backend. The backend is currently running and doesn’t appear to have any issue. Apologies again for the inconvenience.