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New release: Almond 1.4

As previously announced, the new release of Almond is here.

Release notes

  • ThingTalk was extended to support multiple statements. This is an experimental feature, it is not yet complete, and might change in the future.
  • The natural language backend of Genie was switched to use the decanlp library. This brings in a new model, called Multi-Task Question Answering Network, and increases accuracy by about 5% over the previous model.

Module versions

This release comprises the following libraries:

  • thingtalk: 1.6.0
  • thingpedia: 2.3.4
  • thingpedia-client: 0.2.2
  • thingengine-core: 1.4.0
  • almond-dialog-agent: 1.3.1
  • almond-cloud: 1.4.0
  • genie-toolkit: 0.2.0

Please refer to the HISTORY file on GitHub for details of what changed in each library.


In addition to the Almond team, this releases features a preview of Chinese language support, contributed by Elvis Lin and Johnny Hsu, of National Taiwan University.

A little late, but still joining the party: Almond for GNOME version 1.4 is now also available on Flathub.

The new release brings in much improved voice support, better wake word detection, and various bug fixes. The full details are included the in the changelog.

As part of this release, I am happy to announce that the Almond Shell Extension is now stable and available from the GNOME Shell Extensions store. This enables further integration of Almond with your GNOME desktops.